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  1. GOOD

    Number: G19
    Name: Noi (I think)
    Face: (8/10) – Looks quite pretty. Not too much makeup.
    Body: (7/10) – She is quite petite (150 – 160 cm perhaps). Pretty good figure and not much fat. Long black hair curled at the end.
    Boobs: (8/10) – Pretty big for such a short girl, probably enhanced. Great to grab during bonking. I’m not very good at judging size.
    Ass: (5/10) – Not for ass lovers.
    Communication: (6/10) – Soft spoken but can speak English. Need to try harder to build chemistry.
    Shower: (6/10) – Cleans thoroughly but otherwise SOP. No fun in the shower.
    Frenching: (0/10) – Nope. Just a peck on the lips thats all.
    BBBJ: She tried to but I stopped her. I wasnt sure if she wanted to give BBBJ or just lick the balls. Try to talking to her first if you are interested.
    BJ: (9/10) – Great suction and licking power. Makes loud slurping noises that seem very artificial. Had to stop her because I almost blew my load.
    FJ: (9/10) – Starts with cowgirl first, quite slow and seductive and rides very well. In missionary, she was too eager to finish off so she held me tightly by wrapping her legs around me. But I managed to stop and switch to doggie. Overall a pleasant experience.
    After FJ: (5/10) – No waiting after FJ, heads straight to the shower. The shower very SOP as well.
    GFE: (5/10) – Even though her service was good, I found it difficult to build chemistry. Not really GF material. Good luck to you guys.
    Overall: (7.5/10) – Very good service but not recommended if you are looking for intimate chemistry.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to give feedback about my FR

  2. Great price

    L12H17 G1 RTF
    Saw G17 gave me that cheeky grin but choose G1 to RTF.
    (I think I didn’t write the first FR, think some time in March. Service, no change)

    Looks: 7/10. I like it hence 8.5/10 Sharp nose square face, long hair.
    Body: 1.55m, meaty,boobs B cup looks natural, trim vag
    Shower: attentive
    BJ: I skip, focus on hugs(not the senior member of this forum….:b)
    Cowgirl: Hardworking like last time. I stop halfway and initiate more hugs.
    FJ: Finished in missionary!
    GFE: GND patronizing laughs.
    She has this demure look. If only she could cut out the patronizing laugh. Should just do the quiet slutty act (hold my hand, hug me, initiate kiss, feel my didi thru my pants etc) and she will be great, in my books. Silly grins and laughs does not suit her. Never worked KTV i reckon. She should stop being so close to G17.


  3. Not bad

    LH12H17 – G9

    Looks: 6/10 – Foxy looks keeps on smiling
    Body: 7/10 – Good for me, boobs enhanced
    Frenching: Yes
    69: Yes if you ask
    GFE: 7/10 – Will keep you accomodated

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