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    First timer for viet house and not disappointed by this one. Went around 2:30pm after late lunch and got quite good selection of girls. OKT is not over-friendly (my preference actually, cos not there to make frens ) and goes straight to the point – reeling through the numbers of the girls seated on the sofa, all 4 or 5 of them, even helpfully adding that G5 is in mid-fuck and I’d have to wait if I had her in mind.

    But the moment I took a look, already settled on G3, cute and petite girl – maybe about 1.5m?) with short shoulder-length hair – totally my type. Very fair skin tone, B boobs quite a handful though start to sag liao, and a little bit of tummy. From the marks, I’d guess she’s a young mum already. When in the room, close-up she looks quite mature also, like, late 20s or early 30s.

    Service-wise is all quite standard for CAT50, didn’t have chance to try to warm her up because she’s quite procedural, from shower to CBJ, to cowgirl ride (less than a minute) then ask me to go on top. Pumped her hard in missionary only, varying our leg positions. Shiok to see her facial expressions when go in deep … make me release soon enough.

    Friendly and smiling girl, but somehow manage to avoid looking at me most of the time. After the deed, she was more chatty, told me she had an out-of-shape customer before that, ask her to cowgirl for quite long time so explains she is tired during our session.

    Got little bit of time remaining, still ask me to cuddle together on bed till full-time. Maybe want to try KC me to come back … hahahahh. Told me her name is “Yin” (sounds like) but I forgot to get her number to check if she is around for the next time. She’s been here for 9 months apparently.

    Sure want to RTF becos I find her attractive, and maybe got better service if I’m regular. For this first time, she didn’t allow kissing her neck or boobs during the deed, says “itchy” .. WTF, but CAT 50 so I can cut her some slack here. Left the place happy and with her perfume lingering to remind me for some time.

  2. Not bad

    Looks: 6.0/10 lots of makeup, on close up looks slightly old – in her late 20s
    Body: 6.5/10 – petite, around 150cm +, nice fair skin, soft body, boobs quite big can grab with your hands
    Capped BJ: 6.5/10 – she soothed me, sucked my balls, licked my taint (pretty good), no deep throat though
    Frenching: she pecked my lips that’s all no french
    Painting: didn’t try she didn’t let me finger her too
    FJ: 6.0/10 no rush we did missionary and doggy, however her pussy wasn’t tight
    GFE: 5.0/10 – not much kissing or cuddling so don’t expect much
    RTF: Maybe not
    Overall: 6.0/10 – she’s friendly, experienced and spoke Chinese. Service not bad, good as intro to Geylang.

  3. Great

    Back to 1637 this afternoon. Originally wanted to RTF bonk G3.

    But surprisingly at ard 1:30 pm the house is already well-stocked, more than previous visit. At least six girls to choose from! Thinking of switching target, but too bad G3 is sitting at the same place directly facing the entrance. Moment i step in, our eyes locked, and i quite paiseh to check out the other girls already so i don’t know what i missed.

    As pleasantly expected, RTF experience is always sweeter. Quite taken aback that she still remembered from over a week ago, something i mentioned. Bonking more intense this time as her attitude was friendlier and now allow kisses at her previously banned “itchy” zones.

    Changed positions a few times, no complaints from her except a panting “… so long ..” reminding me only got half an hour! Finished in spooning, shiok to see her cover her mouth with the pillow to muffle her involuntary cries

    Just enough time left for a minute of lying down to catch our breaths, then quick shower.

    Well-worth the price, only drawback is that she’s so petite that i couldn’t suck her tits while fucking her in missionary … hahahahahh.

    I must really go and try other girls there on the next visit otherwise will be even more awkward to avoid her next time! Any other good recommendations??

    Funniest part was when leaving the place, somehow there was a bus making some odd maneuver ahead, blocking traffic on lorong 16. Can see quite a line of naughty bros in their cars unable to make a quick exit

  4. Poor

    Just had a session with g13. Regretted my decision. At first under the effects of lighting still look not bad. When go inside room, ok la innocent face but the complexion is horrible even with her makeup on.

    Here comes there turnoff part. I swear to god shes a hygiene freak. Had the longest bath ever. She was scrubbing here and there and cleaning over and over again and i knew my choice was wrong already.

    After capped on she even used the tissues to wipe the condom! I mean like wtf you want to be so clean might as well dont do this job. Bj also pull my foreskin so much until pain.

    She started riding for awhile before asking me to change. Went on with missionary awhile and changed to doggy. I merely entered and never use any force she say pain. So i started slowly. After a few thrusts i thought to myself, i came to enjoy why did i keep accomodating to her? I started to pump faster and harder til cum.

    RTF: NO

    TL;DR: horrible hygiene freak

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