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  1. Great again!

    Tried this house again, randomly choose a girl without looking at FR. Jyst fir a little adventure.

    L6H66 G10
    Face 7.5/10
    Boobs fake but not hard. C cup.
    1.55m? A bit chubby.
    Pussy trim. Overall balance features for a slight chubby MILF.
    Pussy tight.
    Dare to french me. Walau eh. Yes!
    Nice long mirror beside bed, can see my fat arse and my out of shape body fucking this girl. Lol.
    Machiam like rape…..

    RTF, yes, but saw another interesting one on my way out. (Tsk tsk tsk…huh! Men…..always eyeing other girls… LOL !)

  2. Another try

    L6H66 G23

    Face 7/10
    Body on the bulky side. 1.55m Boobs B.
    Pussy can grab me dick. A bit french.
    Pleasant and smiles but can be a bit jumpy edgy character, like Redbull overdose.
    RTF, have to say no, although pretty to look at.

  3. Face great. Body boobs tummy thumbs down.

    Did another random walk, dug another old thread, fucked another girl. LOL.

    G21 $50/30min
    Face is sweet, big eyes, althought looks distracted or boh chap. Boobs B natural. Tummy saggy. Shower n clean a bit too throughly.
    Good at caressing my dick, tug a bit, rub a bit, squeeze a bit etc. I think she do HJ very well!
    CBJ but combine with tug n rub, very good. I think I can cum if had not stop her.
    FJ. I like FJ. Accomodative to change positions. Shoot inside n she use pussy muscle to squeeze me dick. Shiok!

    RTF maybe. Face great. Body boobs tummy thumbs down. Sex skills tops. So how?

    Maybe she should work as massage girl, just remove top a bit to let customers grope boobs, panties push aside a bit to cowgirl customer. This way, can hide her tummy.

  4. GOod

    FR on G6

    Looks: 8 with short hair
    Body: 8 tight, smooth skin
    Boobs: 8 natural B++
    French: Yes
    AR: No
    BBBJ – CBJ: Yes to both- 7
    FJ: 7, accommodates various positions
    GFE: 7 chatty and smokes

    RTF: Maybe

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