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  1. Great

    L8H45 G1, Alice

    Planning to go to my regular house L8H66G. But would like to check the G1 in H45 along the way as some bros said that she is good. As in Sun evening, only G1 is here so I just go for it.

    Looks: 7/10 Her look is a bit mature. But overall is pretty.

    Body: 7/10 about 1.65m, firm build and nice C cup boobs, a little meat on the tummy. Not for petite lover.

    Shower: 7/10 There is a chair in the shower room so I could sit on it while showered. Quite relaxing.

    Catbath: 7/10 She licked nipples and kissed my cheek briefly. But no French.

    CBJ: 8/10 She asked if I would like a BBBJ. But I declined for safety. But she skills are great with a lot of tea-bagging. Would occasionally touch your ass with fingers. Overall really good for CBJ.

    FJ: 8/10: Accommodating. Cow girls, missionary and finished with doggy. But I think she put too much of KY so the traction is not so good.

    GFE: Excellent English. Could make conversation without problems.

    RTF: No, because her body is not really that good.

  2. OK

    since my fave wl gap bahn leow, finally had the chance to try her:

    look = ok but make up too “thick” for my liking
    body = b cup max, gnd body, few tattoos, got bush
    service = ok but not that skilfull n commando level yet, can still b improved
    language = almost nil English
    gfe = ok

    verdict = although chicken n duck talk, still managed to “click” with her n in the end did 3×50…lol this “hobby” is getting expensive

  3. 8.5/10

    L8H45 G98

    Overall FR.
    Name : Jenny
    Age : ? (looks around 24 to 26)
    Looks 7.5/10 (typical quiet Thai girl)
    Boobs : B
    Shower: 10/10 (clean nice nice, and used her body to rub and tease while showering)
    BBBJ : 10/10 (very good suction, knows how to alternate between lick, tease and suck)
    AR: 8/10 (not a fan of AR, but she tries)
    Cat Bath: 6/10 (only used her tip of the tongue to flick, can improve)
    French: 8.5/10 (likes to french alot, made up for the not so good cat bath)
    FJ: 9.5/10 (she enjoys the fj, know how to pace)
    Overall Score: 8.5/10
    RTF : Probably

    she works hard to please even though can see she a bit tired and she haven’t eat. there was even a bit of gfe, as she doesn’t just end after shoot, spend time to lie down beside and cosy up. overall very satisfied. probably best experience so far in GL already.

  4. Not bad

    look = ok la, long hair, “fair” skin
    body = a (small b max), “chubby”, a little bush
    catbath = std cat50, more on nips n balls
    blow = yea ok, enuf suction, not pro level yet
    fj = willing to change post, no need ky (maybe mine small caliber lol), quiet type with occasional ooh aah, not pro lvl yet, not syt tight
    others = depending on chemistry
    gfe = chatty, cheerful
    damage = 1x
    verdict = somewhat like A (ex g10-666) but not as pretty nor as pro, kiv

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