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  1. Great experience

    Was roaming the lorongs of Geylang yesterday when I chanced upon this new house at Lorong 8. I believe that it is a replacement of the previous L8H66A which shut down quite a while ago. The two OKTS were very friendly and showed me the only available WL who looked quite pretty. I forgot her name and number (I will update accordingly during my next trip there).

    Looks: 7.5/10 (Young looking, quite fair skinned with pretty eyes and nice teeth. Definitely an SYT imho). She’s the same age as I am. I’m Singaporean but can’t speak mandarin yet I’m a sucker for chinese/chinese-looking girls possibly because I’m part Chinese myself.

    Body: 6.5/10 (When clothed she looked very curvy but her boobs a bit saggy and quite a bit of belly and butt fats)

    BJ: 4/10 (When she put the condom on me it was too tight which largely contributed to the not so pleasurable BJ sensation). I’m pretty sure BJ will improve with a condom suited to bigger penis sizes such as Durex. Believe me when I say the condom size matters. I’ll stick to Durex next time.

    Kissing: 9/10 (Normally I’m the one initiating the lip to lip kissing and frenching. In her case, however, whenever I kissed her lightly and retracted my mouth away from hers, she would actually press my face against hers, look straight into my eyes and start frenching me like there’s no tomorrow. In essence, ite felt as if she was eager to french me than the other way round. Definitely makes a guy’s day)

    GFE: 8.5/10 Right from the moment i entered her room she gave me a hug, looked up at me and kissed me. She kept holding my hand tightly and throughout the sex she looked at my eyes, fluttering them in a sweet way. When we were showering, she hugged me and kissed me all over my neck and cheeks. While fucking her, she kept moving her hands around my body and dirty talking me. After we were done with the sex and changing but into our clothes, she suddenly grabbed me, gave me a tight hug and kissed my neck, cheeks and lips. I grabbed her cheeks gently, looked intensely into her eyes as if she were my gf and kissed her intensely. She never looked away from my etes. She gave me a hug and another kiss before saying “bye bye. Please come back again”.

    Attitude:8.5/10 (When I visited her she was a bit tired but she definitely tried her best to put on a smile and chat with me. She could have been a little bit more accommodating though)

    FJ: 6.5/10 (I think she’s pretty new to the industry so she wasn’t really accommodation to the different positions I was keen in trying out. We tried cowgirl very briefly after which we switched to missionary. Didn’t get to try my favourite doggy or reverse cowgirl. I actually didn’t get to cum because the condom was tight restricting my blood flow. Moreover, the 20 mins which is rather insufficient for a full sexperience.

    Damage: $40 for 20 mins. Imho its better to top up another $10 and go for the $50 option which grants you 30 mins. Other options include the $100 for 1 hour inclusive of thai massage.

    RTF: Yes, the main reason being the great GFE-ness and her pretty eyes + eagerness to kiss/french. I’d return for the gfe-ness alone! Made me feel like a boyfriend LOL. I’d opt for the $50 or $100 option. I’m optimistic my experience will improve with Durex + a bit more of confidence (less shyness) on my part. If I could book her overnight even without any possibility of sex between us i wouldn’t mind because of her gfe-ness and possibility because of our same age.

  2. Friendly

    name = nid
    look = milfy, 28, broad shoulder (ex-farmer),160cm roughly
    bod = gnd, a little fat here n there, big b max, trimmed bush
    catbath = so so, gentle type, 1-2 mins max
    blow = gentle type, suction not that strong
    kin hoi/finger = reluctant, mai dai / dont like she said, so nvr forced her
    kiss = not a fan, nvr asked n she nvr initiated so i dunno
    fj = no cowgirl… i asked but she asked me to be on top instead, missionary n doggy for me, not that tight, subtle soft moan
    massage = part of sop, tried better one so hers so so nia
    language = minimal england, my pasaa thai also lousy, so pretty much chicken n duck talk
    gfe = friendly

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