Lightbulb ✪✪✪D’Cup Local Celine✪✪✪ Don’t Play Play :p Msg Pro With 5 ★ Service~New: Jap B2B Msg

Her Contact Number

[8733 8544]

Statistics of Celine

Age: 30s (Local)
Attitude: Friendly, Service Oriented, Professional & Experienced
Body: Busty With Curvy Body Line
Boobs: Natural & Soft 36D
Height: 172cm
Weight: 52kg
Looks: Attractive & Feminine Looking Lady
Language: Chinese/Simple English SMSes or Calls only. She Accept All Race & Nationality
Location: East

Services That She Can Perform/Allow

[Nude Water Bed Jap B2B Massage : 水床努鲁水凝胶B2B按摩] [Yes. She Is Able To Provide a Fully Nude Jap Body to Body Rubbing Experience]

[Zhong Yi Meridian Oil Massage : 中医经络推油法] [Spot On Techniques That I Have Yet To Tried For Long Time. Very Accurate & Strong That Helps Relieve Pain]

[Authentic Chinese Mixed Thai Style Massage With Shiatsu : 正宗中泰式按摩和指压, 油压] [STRONG Strength & SUPER Professional. Her Shiatsu Is Out Of The World Feeling! All I Can Say Is Her Mixed Massage Techniques Were GOOD!]

[Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage : 头,颈,肩部按摩] [After a Hard Day At Work, Request & Let Her Work Her Way Around Your Heavy Head & Shoulder]

[Kneeling Back Massage : 跪背] [Use Her Knees To Massage Your Back. Feel Her Power & Total Relaxation After This]

[Fu Yang Guan : 扶阳罐] [It Helps Clear Blockage Of Meridian, Uphold & Maintain Body Balance Of Yin & Yang, Conditioning Of Blood Cells, Enhance Immunity To Disease & For Treatment Of Many Diseases & Have Positive Health Effects!]
[通经活络、扶正祛邪、保持人体阴阳平衡、达到调理气血、活化细胞、排除病邪、提高抗病能力、对 很多疾病有治 疗和保健作用]

[Hot Lava Stone : 火山石] [This Is Especially Good, Only REAL Authentic Massage Parlor Have! It Is To Place a Few Hot Stones On Your Back & It Helps To Relax Muscle, Relieve Pain & Improve Blood Circulation]

[Ba Huo Guan : 拔火罐或走罐] [Benefits Of This Is To Drive Away Coldness and Humidity, Enhancing Blood Circulation etc. Release Yourself From Tiredness And To Strengthen Your Body]

[Gua Sha : 刮痧] [It Helps To Promotes Circulation And Normalizes Metabolic Processes. It Is Also a Great Treatment For Internal & External Pain. Don’t Worry, She Have The Tool For This & Not Using Coin]

[Prostate Massage : 前列腺保养] [Massage The Acupoints Around Your Precious To Promote Better Sexual Life]

[Juagen : 抓根] [Your Manhood Treatment To Promote Better Sexual Life]

[GFE : 女朋友感] [Friendly Lady With Good Attitude & Services]

Services That She Don’t Perform/Allow

Services Not Mentioned Above.
Further Intimacies Depends On Chemistry With Her. 

Her Charges

[$100, One Massage Package With Prostate Care & Juagen, 60 Minutes]
[$150, One Massage Package With Prostate Care & Juagen, 90 Minutes]

[Large Cozy Room With Attached Shower & Massage Bed Included]

Her Contact Number

[8733 8544]

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