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  1. Will come back

    Age:ard 25
    Looks: 7/10 (tanned but still look innocent)
    Body: 6/10 (slim …nice firm boobs to hold too..)
    BJ: 9/10 (Slow & steady)

    GFE: 10/10 (wa seh keep cuddle with me until buay tahan go for 2nd round..)
    CIm:automatcially took my cock and swallow all my cum..
    RTF:maybe..so mani choices still

  2. Good

    Long time never post liao…just done on 66G/26. The photo very chio, like those of 150/90/2 type but real person so so..

    Arrived there and see at least 8 gals on stand by but my regular G1 is working and there is sQ waiting for her. Went over to 45/45, no luck also.so LL went back to 66G n see 2 small size n delicious gals, 7 n 26. Took 26 cause more chio but more tan.wtf just try.

    Overall not bad…but no bbbj n light kissing only cause she was angry w me for not choosing her when I first came in. And keep asking yo was waiting for G1…

    She told me now 7 was the Ang pai liao instead off 1.don’t know true or not, any bro can comment on that???

    But confirm will try G7 ON my next visit, but I found that most gals now dint provide bbbj liao..all those commando all die liao….

  3. First time

    FR for Lor8H66G Number 15

    This is my first FR. Please be patient.

    When I first came to this house really late there were not many choices but 15 was one of them. Petite size and very slim with big glasses on. She looks very cute like an office lady. Bit ended up like office turkey.

    Looks: 9/10. Cute face. It’s what made mr grab her.

    Boobs: Small. Perky. Good if you like small.

    Service: 2/10. I know this is low but let me explain.

    From the moment I step in there was zero attempts to make me feel like a customer. First time I EVER go Geylang and get told to shower myself. Didn’t even bother to say nicely. Just “shower” and that’s it. No hand holding even.

    She didn’t bother with smalltalk. Didn’t smile. Nothing. I felt miserable.

    I paid for one hour and got nothing. After the first shot at 20 mins in she even had the balls to ask ME to massage her. She didn’t cuddle, didn’t chat, nothing. She literally spent more time looking at her mobile phone than doing anything. After 10 mins of lying there like a supermarket fish I cut it short, told her I was tired and fucked off.

    Catbath: 2/10
    When the actual thing started she went for the nipples and that’s it. One side then other side. Nothing else. No licking of other body part, nothing. Like a machine.

    CBJ: 5/10
    Not bad. Took time but was very rough like trying to slap my cock with her tongue. Hard to feel anything under condom usually but she really smack hard. Her hands were too light but all in all not bad.

    FJ: 3/10
    She didn’t do ANYTHING else. Straight on to sex. She literally asked me if I wanted to go on top off the bat, didn’t even bother with cowboy. Lazy! Don’t know if she was tired or what. I did first shot missionary style. She kept her eyes closed the whole way. Very little moaning.

    Lack of enthusiasm made me drop scores. Bedside manner is important!

    RTF: fuck no/10

    One thing I must say though. The boss at this house is the nicest guy ever. Damn polite. Damn friendly. Easy to talk to and very frank. He told me straight up all the good girls were busy and he had some left who may not be that frisky. I took a gamble and lost. Props to the boss at this house but number 15 should go back to office. First time ever I left more miserable than started and needed to warn bros.

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